Looking for fellow psychology students

Anyone interested in studying the Blue Door Program? From the link below:
“Behind the Blue Door is a specialized training program designed to prepare individuals for the field of pastoral care and to serve in the role of Chaplain.”
If you’re interested feel free to message me on Facebook 😁

Book review of “Son of the Sun” by Wren Paasch

I’m Pagan like the author, but I follow a different pantheon so this myth was new to me. This was an amazing life journey of romance, life, love, and the end was expected but heartbreaking for me. For some books, connecting with a gay couple can be hard but these characters are extremely relatable. Even with their divine connection they have problems just like we experience, they just weather them with more stubbornness perhaps.
The author reached out to me and asked if this would be a book I’d be interested in and I am so thankful. I thoroughly enjoyed this. If I could forget it to be able to read it again I would.

Memories and rambling

So I’m contemplating writing memories on here. As a public way of journaling my past. To be clear, many of my younger memories are really sad and traumatizing. At the same time, I learned many things both good and bad and my experiences shaped the individual I am now. Who knows what “lessons” or “messages” someone else could get out of me sharing.

So tonight Eric and I were watching an episode of Bones and our favorite prosecutor came on and spoke Creole. She’s from Louisiana I believe (in the show’s narrative). It reminded me of a bitter sweet experience from my childhood. For some of my childhood we lived on almost 3 acres of land that we owned. Our driveway was the same dirt road that led to a water tower on the little mountain above our land. I am not sure if we were at that time already attempting to purchase the land between ours and it or if we already had. Anyway. So the county or water company decided to spruce up the water tower. They hired this family/crew from Louisiana. They spoke Cajun/Creole. Their language was beautiful and I quite enjoyed just watching them talk to each other. They offered to pay me to help and I put on a face mask and sandblasted very little before getting a migraine aura. My migraines back then were almost always the hugging the toilet wishing for death kind. So I apologized and quit. Laid down for the worst of it. But I got in a lot of trouble for not completing my commitment. The migraine subsided enough that I was able to go back but dad and my brother and possibly my mom had helped after I quit. They did an amazing job and made the outside look great. They also did the inside but I didn’t climb up to see because I was scared. You know I still feel guilty for putting my need to go home, take medicine, and try and gain my vision back, and rest. Logically, I know that I did the right thing. Having a migraine aura I know I can’t do anything even potentially dangerous. I could have seriously hurt myself or someone else with that sandblaster. I still felt bad about it. I don’t remember how the day ended though. There are quite a few gaps in my memory.

I totally asked on my Facebook if anyone spoke Creole since I have a lot of friends and family from all over. I would love to learn 5 or more languages and teach them to others. Discipline and dedication. I’ll have to try and push myself towards my dreams to make them goals. My father in law corrected me in that Creole (which I’d totally used because it was on the closed captioning) and Cajun are different and that I most likely meant Cajun. Which I believe is what I meant!

Blessed Be

Review of An Unwilling Bride by Avery Maitland

Of the two sisters, Cat is my favorite. She’s fiery and unrestrained. This book gave a glimpse of medieval politics and treaties. I had not really given thought about daughters being used as bartering goods. It seems like according to this book it could have been the norm. Granted, this is fiction. This was an entertaining read. spolier: Cat could have easily been broken but instead she was won. This book was given to me at no charge. All opinions are completely my own.


Review of Evenfall by S. Robinson

The beginning of the book did not give away the ending at all. This was a quirky, cute, sweet, fun read. The story felt a bit short and would make a great series of the author feels compelled to continue writing in this bookverse. The characters seem a bit childish and inexperienced in the beginning if the book but it has hints to more depth and then bam readers get it almost in a deluge. I absolutely loved this book.


Book Review: “Empower Your Life with Gentleness”

The author had read where I struggle with anxiety and suggested that this book might help me. I love the concept of Gentleness. It does make sense that, especially as we get older, we stop focusing on being Gentle with ourselves and those around us. There are a number of methods in the book that show good ways to help with relaxing, being Gentle, and moving away from Harshness. The only issue I have with this book is that it said (once perhaps twice) that essential oils can be ingested. I strongly disagree with this sentiment and every company that stands by said statement. Otherwise I love the different methods and may look up some of them. It was a slow read for me, but I do feel it is thought provoking and useful for anyone struggling with mental illness, alongside therapy.


“Gold, She Spins” book review

So I will admit that the first two chapters or so had me bored to tears and I contemplated not continuing. I wanted to give the story a chance though and those two chapters were just character introduction. This was a sweet coming of age story that blended this world’s magic and science (even if the science didn’t really work). I do wish that the magical family had been more fleshed out in the story, but it made sense to focus on just the two main characters. I loved the ending. This book was given to me at no charge and all opinions are my own.