Paid to read books?!

I came across an article in my daily 1440 news digest yesterday. The Newsweek article was sharing that researchers at WORDSRATED are hiring readers to read books and keep track of specific details. The company is offering $200 per book, and they supply the books. They don’t have a requirement for how many books can be read—they’re fine with one or more. I totally love the position name, too—Bibliophile-at-large. Of course, I have already applied because this would be a great side income. If you’re interested in applying as well, then here is the Newsweek article link:

In the WORDSRATED listing they also have an application for (unpaid) survey participants. The topics would be reading, books, and issues applicable to those categories. If you enjoy taking surveys, especially since they will be using the answers to generate specific statistics, then this could be a fun way to fill free time.

Webtoon recommendations, part 3

I checked through my last two Webtoon rec posts ( and and I realized I repeated one in both. Oops! I also forgot to schedule this post correctly, lol. So here’s more recommendations:

Only has 24 episodes (says 7.1 and seems to be paired into threes mostly) so far, and updates are sporadic. Still, it seems to have an intriguing storyline and the art is fantastic.

Act Like You Love Me! by XUANN
Amusing story with a random woman able to give orders through a plushie to a previously popular movie star. It starts out kind of funny, but gets really deep quite often. Content disclaimer: anxiety, depression, panic attacks

Love Me Knot by Sophia
This one is incredibly cute and funny, while also having serious concepts. There’s a love triangle in the first season, but at the same time part is unrequited.

Defects by mushmello
A newer Webtoon with fourteen episodes. Follows a woman who has magic powers, and finds out she and her friend aren’t the only ones who have them. There’s also a war being waged against those with powers, or at least that’s how it seems so far.

Midnight Poppy Land by Lilydusk
Cute, precious, and surprisingly innocent female main character who gets pulled into some Mafia drama. Luckily, she has a really hot Mafia thug, and his possibly gay best friend looking out for her.

She’s Hopeless by Seokwoo
Honestly, a lot of this one is incredibly sad. Enter a rich girl, who’s being bullied, and the secretly paid for bodyguard who has to protect her while not letting anyone, especially his protectee. Dramatic and captivating.

SubZero by Junepurr
Two clans/societies led by dragon shifters, and that have been at war for a long time. The last leader of the blue dragons agrees to a treaty to end the fighting by marrying the leader of the red dragons. There’s a lot of sadness, but it actually seems that this will have a romantic and positive future. Still, there’s a lot more to ending a war than either monarch expected.

The Last Golden Child by Alkkae and Saemong
Norse Deities who are basically evil, the end of the world, and a girl who is fighting with all her might to save her sister. She’ll fight Titans and Gods that are in her way.

unOrdinary by uru-chan
There’s honestly so much that goes on in this Webtoon that I’m struggling to find a good description. The world as it exists has every person in it with magic abilities. Some are extremely strong and others abilities don’t really do much in their society. Basically, there’s a class system with the most powerful at the top, and the least on the bottom. There’s also a lot of corruption, some battles being waged outside of the public eye (for the most part), and the kids get dragged into things. The male main character, John, has a secret that will change lives forever. Content disclaimer for violence, anger issues, and trauma. It’s good, it’s deep, and I definitely recommend it.

Weak Hero by SEOPASS and RAZEN
A gang atmosphere with mostly kids as the members. Two extremely intelligent, and motivated by different reasons, individuals who I believe will inevitably clash. Gray looks small and weak, but he’s anything but that. Exciting, but I wish it followed more of just Gray than all the other characters (both “good” and “bad”). Also, some episodes allow readers to understand other characters perspectives—humanizing them.

Leveling Up My Husband to the Max by Uginon and Curlin
A miserable marriage, a broken kingdom, and the female main character is killed unjustly. She then wakes up ten years in the past. She decides to do things differently this time. She doesn’t accept mistreatment by house staff or in-laws. Her husband also isn’t the cold man he was before.

The World After the Fall by singNsong and Undead Gamja
Extremely brand new (seven episodes), but already extremely interesting. Towers and monsters appear in the world, and only one fighter who won’t give up. I can’t wait to see where this will go.

Nevermore by Kate Flynn and Kit Trace
Holy hot feminine characters ❤ . Using story elements from Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry, the authors weave a story of two women who wake up and are then told they’re actually almost dead and they have to pass tests to possibly be allowed to return to life. Slightly creepy, a bad attitude that’s definitely warranted, and hopefully a romance.

Love and Leashes by Winter
An amusing story about a Submissive man and a woman who likes him. Some kink education, and annoyingly some disparaging comments about BDSM. At the same time, it does show and reiterate safety and being willing to learn about an aspect of people previously not considered, or that were considered creepy. I’m not sure that I like the way people who don’t know about the various dynamics feeling that they’re able to judge others for their private lives. I guess I have always accepted that kinks exist and safe, sane, and consensual BDSM isn’t something to be ashamed of. It is a positive, if sometimes ridiculous and awkward, portrayal of some BDSM aspects. No, I haven’t seen the Netflix show.

The Monster’s Bride by Sang beom and Steak
Hilarious, reverse harem but the characters are all competing to be the FMC’s husband, a strong and stressed FMC. Haena is hilarious, has superhuman strength, and is really mad at her dad for abandoning her. Then she has a bunch of monsters show up saying that her dad bested each of them and the told them they could be her fiance. Some of them move in to her giant home, which helps with keeping it clean and she can finally pay the bills. At the moment, I’m not fond of her dad, and I don’t have a favorite choice for a future partner for Haena. It’s hilarious, and has some mystery thrown in for suspense.

Men of the Harem by Alphatart and Yeongbin
Latil has a lot of crappy shit happen. Her boyfriend ditches her for royal “responsibilities”, her dad (the Emperor) is assassinated, and she had to fight to secure her throne. In her anger at all of this she chooses to be an Emperor instead of an Empress, and she chooses to have a harem of men instead of choosing one spouse. She’s still trying to solve her father’s murder, and now some supernatural evil is threatening her kingdom. Captivating story, I do have a preferred ship, and strong women are amazing.

Return to Player by UMKY and Sehon
The world ended when the Gods decided they were bored and wanted to play a video game, but with real people as their characters. Sehan beats the game, with a bad ending, but is then offered to play again. He jumps at the chance, is sent back to the right before the monsters started attacking, and he starts collecting strong party members. He has some sneaky extras for beating the game, and uses those paired with his knowledge to change everything.

The Ember Knight by Hwandaeng
Nagyunn’s twin brother is killed by masked attackers. They look at Nagyunn as trash and leave him. Nagyunn swears vengeance, assumes his brother’s identity, but then has pretty much no skill. He vows to train, and get revenge on the masked people. It’s captivating, but really sad.

The Strongest Florist by Hyun hoo Joo and Kumtata
Jaeho has lived with his father’s expectation that he’ll become an awesome MMA fighter, but Jaeho wants to be a florist. His friend introduces him to an immersive video game, and Jaeho hilariously bumbles his way into power. He unlocks part of the game that no one had previously, and gains titles, perks, and elves as companions—who are known for their absolute hatred of humans. It’s funny and a great read.

Your Throne by SAM
An extremely strong woman who had her path mapped out, but then suddenly loses it. Her best friend wins the relationship with Medea’s previous betrothed, the Crown Prince. Some magical hijinks have Medea and Psyche temporarily switch bodies, learn to understand each other and the shocking manipulations around them. They partner to save themselves, and destroy their enemies. It’s really in depth and exciting. Content disclaimer for violence and blood.

If I’ve given away any spoilers I’m sorry, and they’re unintentional. I tried not to reveal too many details. Let me know if you like any of these.

Amazon Affiliate and free serial

I finally figured out how to set up an Amazon Affiliate account, so I may now earn commissions on orders through links I post on here. Hopefully, I’ve set everything up so that it works, lol.

I wanted to recommend a serial series one of my favorite author teams writes. Ilona Andrews has written so many amazing series. I don’t remember how I came across their Clean Sweep serial, but I’m happy it exists. Basically, the authors write short chapter stories set in this one bookverse with the premise of extremely amazing Inn Keepers. So far they’ve written, and I believe self-published, four books and a short story (book 3.5). They are currently releasing approximately one chapter per week in the fifth book. You should be able to find the books at a good price digitally on the store links they provide, or if you’re lucky, then your library may have or buy them. The first time I reread the series I checked the e-books out of my library. I’ve since bought them all when they were available on Kindle. I’ll be buying the next ones as well. While buying the book after reading the serial isn’t technically necessary, they do ramp up the adult stuff (nothing more than half a pepper though), and make changes to improve the finished product. Still, this was my first experience with a free online serial story on an author’s website. From the first week I was enthralled with all of the characters and the world. It’s funny, emotional, and one of my favorite series. In case you would like to check out the Innkeeper series, here is the author’s link to the series page.

Enjoy! Do you have any serial recommendations?

A new genre

In previous posts I have complained, honestly whined, about not knowing how to find books similar to some of my favorite Webtoons. Searching anything including Webtoons, comics, etc., had no results. I couldn’t think of a term or phrase that encompassed all that I was looking for. My search history is hilariously plain with these gems: “game tower appearing books, game tower appearing books monsters, monster dungeons appearing books, monster dungeons appearing books fiction, hero second chance dungeons books”—which led me to the term LitRPG. Googled that, and holy Book Gods, I finally had options! So far I’ve only read one recommended series, and I’m waiting on the third book in it. That series is the Guardian of Aster Fall by David North. At the end of his book he gives Facebook group links so readers can find more recommendations. I have no idea why I never thought to use the terms from leveling in games like my teen and early twenties obsession (Perfect World, if you’re curious but not the mobile game). I can now search for books with these terms: LitRPG, cultivation series—basically gaming terms. You’d think that with as much time as I spent grinding and cultivating my Winged Elf, that I would have thought to search those terms. Alas, I fear my intelligence died a pathetic death when I had kids. I’m joking by making it elaborate, but I do feel I had some mental decline lol. Anyway, hopefully this will give you a genre to search for if this is an interest for you as well. ❤


Recently, I’ve felt guilty for not getting as much studying done for my proofreading course. I have to remind myself daily that the course is self-paced and taking things slowly to ensure that I completely understand everything is still progress. I’ve also been focusing more on my Tarot studies as that year-long class is at an end after this month. I have two assignments left, and while I’ve received positive feedback, an offer to help the next class, and I know I’ve improved—I still find myself worrying that I’m not worthy, I don’t deserve any positive feedback, and I’m unqualified to help. Are any of my fears real? No, they’re part of my trauma and anxiety picking at me. One of the ways I was mentally abused is that nothing I ever did was good enough. Tying for fourth place in a talent show (I sang a patriotic song acapella), studying math during the summer on my own and skipping a class to move on to the next, receiving all A’s (all 100% except one 98%)—I feel guilty for receiving acknowledgement, accolades, awards—all stuff that I worked for and did earn. My dad actually told me that the report card I mentioned wasn’t good enough because one was only 98%. I came to find out after he died that he took it around bragging to customers and friends. The grading period after he told me I hadn’t done well enough I absolutely quit trying and had B’s and C’s. I was so angry when I was told that he said that to anyone because of how he had reacted with me. I still hash that incident out in therapy almost every time I earn something. I will say that it has had an effect on my parenting. When my kids were little and they accomplished something I praised them and asked them if they were proud of themselves. I probably took it to an excessive amount and I’ve been including that I’m proud of them for trying, for putting in effort, for growth, and that they are amazing and worthy no matter what. I do worry that they don’t feel like I’m proud of them since I emphasized that they should be proud of themselves. I had hoped to encourage a dependence on proving themselves to themselves instead of to someone they wanted to impress. That’s another issue I talk about in therapy, lol.

If you stuck with my rambling and seemingly bouncing from one topic to the next, thank you. I do have a point to make. Healing my past trauma, C-PTSD, self-esteem, and all related to those is a neverending journey. I will slip back into previous fears and self-doubts, but I’m doing better. I now write down when I accomplish something. I allow myself to take breaks from things to do an activity I love—or even just housework if I need busywork. It’s becoming easier to say, out loud, positive affirmations throughout each day. If possible, I even try to find a rebuttal for when I mentally put myself down. It’s all a process, and I am improving. Acknowledging what I do accomplish and what I do get done instead of only seeing what I don’t accomplish or get done has been motivating, encouraging, and honestly surprising. Want to try it? If you find yourself putting yourself down or thinking negatively, then make yourself say something positive about yourself in the same category. Say it out loud. If you’re like me that will be embarrassing at first, but it gets easier and, at least for me, it’s more affirming to say and hear that I like something about myself or believe something positively about myself, than it is to just think it in my head. If I’m really concerned with saying it aloud then I write it down in my planner or note app. Hopefully, this might help you as much as it’s helping me.

Left: Fourth place talent show trophy (tied) 2003; right: Algebra 1-A trophy received for studying to bypass that class and begin in the following, also 2003. (Picture also features dust on the top of my giant computer desk haha)

Kindle Highlights

Editing to add that I have now signed up as an Amazon affiliate. I’m not sure if previous links will count, but I may earn commissions on any purchases you make through shared Amazon links. 5.15.2022

This highlight post features The Complete Kit Davenport Series. The complete series book (one single book including all the individual books) is available in Kindle Unlimited, but the individual books are not. For some reason book four is still on Kindle Unlimited, at this time, but that could be an oversight. They aren’t too expensive, with the first book being (at the time I posted this) $0.99 and the rest being $4.99.

I was not a fan of the short book marked 6.5 in the series (The Hellhound’s Legion; read this after the full series). I personally would leave it out because it doesn’t have a fleshed out ending, but if you want to read that one as well, it is available in Kindle Unlimited.

12% “Fuck, I think I love you.” I groaned, eyeing up the cheese-filled masterpiece. River made an odd noise, and I frowned at him. “I’m talking to the sandwich, you narcissist.”

26% “Oh fuck, I think I love you.” Reaching for the massive burger which had been placed in front of me, I snorted a quick laugh at the shocked expressions on the guys’ faces. “She means the burger,” River muttered. “She’s pulled that line before.”

31% Even half-dead as she was, she managed to sound sarcastic. Such an admirable talent.

59% I wasn’t exactly the tidiest woman alive, so my suitcase looked a little bit like a grenade had gone off in it. A couple of times Wes had offered to unpack for me, but I’d shrugged him off. Why unpack when we might need to haul ass at a second’s notice?

59% All this “Are you sure?” was giving me a headache. It wasn’t like I was the kind of girl to be pressured into anything I didn’t want to do, after all.

60% “I flove them,” I gushed, then realized I’d mashed my words together. “I mean, I fucking love them. Thank you.”

70% I paused. What did I want more, coffee or sex? Ugh, why were all of life’s decisions so damn hard?

71% “I swear to coffee,

76% “Scars are the tale of the road we have traveled.” And the loves we’d lost.

Edited to reiterate that I may receive commissions from purchases you make with these. 5.15.2022

Link to the first book:

Link to the complete series book:

My first ambassador partnership!

I’m extremely excited to be able to be a product ambassador with Writual Society. There will be an affiliate link at the bottom of this post, and I may receive commissions on any orders placed through it.

I originally found their planner pre-order in November 2020. I still have my first Tarot Journal from them too. I now use their digital version, but that only made me love them more. They have a variety of products related to Tarot and what I think of as witchy products.

So let’s talk about my first planner. I pre-ordered it in November 2020, and they also sent a printable for those of us who wanted to track our readings in December. They now have stickers and stamps for those who use the physical planners, and my digital version came with pictures I can add to applicable days. The first planner captivated me with its gorgeous cover—it looks like one of those geode resin art pieces. It started with a two year calendar in the front and then had some suggestions for how to use it. It includes a place to record your birth chart and provides a link where one can be looked up for free. Then it had a beautiful black background to record a year’s Tarot reading (one for the whole year and one for each month). It then goes into a standard month page, and I used it to record important dates such as birthdays. Each month has blocks or lined portions to mark manifestations, priorities, goals, and then a monthly reading page to include the energy of the whole month and cards for love, money, work, health, and spirit. They also list the new and full moons on both the regular block calendar as well as near the reading area. Anywhere that it encourages you to note your specific reading it also include a text box for reflecting on the month once it’s over. Each week includes an area that states the week, affirmation or intention for that week (you put your own), a single card reading option, and a reflection portion again.

Now, the days are specifically designed for Tarot journaling. Each day included the day of the week and what day it was in a month, 3-card areas (to write, put a sticker, or stamp your 3-card spreads). Each day also included a reflection area. At the end of all the months and days, there were twelve lined pages in case anyone wanted to write notes or more. The very last page has been one of the most useful things for me—a variety of different 3-card spread ideas. I haven’t used all of them but the ones I haven’t just have not felt like they’ve applied to me so far.

If I get another physical journal I’ll most likely get the semi-annual undated option, and I’d get the Tarot stamps to pair with it. For now I’m quite happy with my digital version. I can use it on my phone, laptop, tablet—basically anywhere I can sync the file. The directions for it were for apple products using their GoodNotes app, but I was able to get it to work with the Adobe PDF on my laptop or the free Google Play app Xodo on Android. Pretty much any annotation app should be able to open and edit each page.

This year’s calendar has more than last year’s. It includes the previous pages and takes them further. There are reference pages for breaking down astrology in enough detail to make your birth chart make a bit more sense. They also include a “cheat sheet” of Tarot meanings. Dates are noted for eclipses and retrogrades, etc. Each month has a card tracker to see what shows up more in your readings each month. The days are shown in a vertical list with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on the left under the week reading space. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are on the left. It honestly feels like it opens up more space to record the readings. Each day still has the boxed to write, stamp, put a sticker, or however you’d like to notate that day’s cards. They also, in the reference section, give the 3-card spread ideas, as well as some 2-card spread ideas.

I’m sure you can see that I really love this journal. Before this, I had not heard of Tarot journaling. It’s helped me strengthen my relationship and understanding of Tarot, and it’s encouraging me to analyze myself in ways I have not done before. This is a positive change for me.

Whether you’re interested in Tarot journals, Tarot stickers or stamps, cartomancy decks, candles, crystals—they have quite a lot to offer. Don’t take my word for it though; check it out for yourself. If you do get one of their products, then I’d love to know what you think of them.

My affiliate link, with which I may earn commissions:

A TikTok I made showing the digital planner ❤ this can be viewed on my TikTok or my Instagram

Favorite authors

Have you ever been asked what your favorite book is or who your favorite author is? I can never understand this line of questions, because I’m always so excited to discover new authors and new series. It would feel limiting to say only one of any of the options was my favorite. With this thought in mind, I will let you know of some of my favorites. This is a list that constantly adds new discoveries, so I’ll make this a regular post.

Today I want to introduce you to K. F. Breene, or Queen Breene. Some readers might now like the name her fanclub had dubbed her with, but I love silly things like this. I am not sure which of her series was the first I read, but they’re all completely engaging—even the one series that had elements I didn’t like. Her GoodReads page is and she also has the typical social media pages, a newsletter, and a Mighty Networks group. She is absolutely hilarious even out of her captivating series. Some of my favorites of her different series are the DDVN World (Demon Days Vampire Nights), the PWF (Paranormal Women’s Fiction, various series with heroines who are older—usually at least mid-thirties from what I’ve read so far) Leveling Up series, the Demigods of San Francisco series, and her Deliciously Dark Fairytales series. Her books are engaging, have amazing storylines and bookverses, and can make me laugh for many different reasons. These are not all of her available series, but they’re the ones I fan-girl for the most (of hers). She has a way of making a reader shocked and screaming what at the end of some of her books too, but I actually love this. Her Dark Fairytales series has so far been a SPICY, shifter, and epic retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I’m biting my nails waiting on the next book. The Leveling Up series is more warm-fuzzies, sexual tension, and empowerment. DDVN and the Demigods series are both absolute riots. I laughed so hard reading them, and I have and will read these multiple times. I rarely, if ever, reread books. I included a picture that was on one of the postcards she mails (or mailed previously) out to those who signed up for it. The purple onesie was to promote her Dark Fairytales series, and it poked fun at the SEX PARTIES in the book. I promise, it’s hilarious. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading her books now. If what I’ve said doesn’t convince you then go read the blurbs for her different series.

April 2022 reads

I have been completely serious many times when I’ve said that I only enjoy fiction. However, I have to say that since starting the proofreading course I’m actually enjoying reading books on American grammar and punctuation. It’s fascinating, and I keep learning new things. College was thirteen years ago, and I dropped out before completing more than one year. I might have worked hard to get the “advanced” high school diploma, but that is pretty much useless. Needless to say, I’ve forgotten most of what I was taught. You’ll find more grammarian books in this list, and probably more going forward as well.

Kept to Kill by Kyra Alessy, third in the Dark Brothers series, 5 stars, finished April 1
Powerful women
I must say I don’t seem to like the way the books in this series start, but, oh, how I love them when things change. I love the world building that is starting to slowly take shape. The fact that the women partners in each book are encouraged to find their strengths, while also learning to be able to depend on their team, is fascinating. I would love to see more of the previous characters in future books. At this point, I hope the series doesn’t conclude for a long time. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Forsaken Life by Mazzy J. March, second in the Reaper’s Claw Wolf Pack series, 3 stars, finished April 2
Badly handled
I understand the anxiety about considering polyandry but this seemed over the top. I suppose if it were real life instead of a book that might seem different though. I absolutely hated how Ferris and Deidre lied to everyone. It set the framework for the unsurprising ending. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Caught to Conjure by Kyra Alessy, fourth in the Dark Brothers series, 5 stars, finished April 3
Relationships have HEA
This is a fun series, and I loved getting Vie’s story after she was introduced in a previous book. It is a bit annoying that the story beyond each relationship (in each book) stops once the characters improve their relationships. I do love that each is a happily ever after, at least at each book’s conclusion. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Spark of Fate by Tessa Hale, first in the Shifting Fate series, 5 stars, finished April 4
Very emotional
I will say that the intimate scene made me uncomfortable because Rowan is 17 and still acts like a kid. I love how her mates support her and encourage her own personal strength. The various people who are against her seem never-ending. The one at the end? That was a WTF moment. I don’t like her adopted parents at all. Yes, loss can make things hurt but both parents should be ashamed of themselves.
Content warning for child abuse (17 is still a minor). I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Mark of Stars by Tessa Hale, second in the Shifting Fate series, 4 stars, finished April 6, didn’t add a text review. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Bond of Destiny by Tessa Hale, third in the Shifting Fate series, 5 stars, finished April 7
I love seeing Rowan’s relationships with her mates growing stronger. I can also relate to having an evil parent. Rowan grew quite a bit in this book, and this worldverse will definitely benefit from it. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Trapped to Tame by Kyra Alessy, fifth in the Dark Brothers series, 5 stars, finished April 8
The males are always frustrating
I actually love that I start out each book in this series hating the men and males. I’d still like to see a woman or female be the one in control. I love the ending. If the next book/s don’t answer the question of what happens for previous characters, then I’m going to need to read the bonus stories in the e-mail subscription. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Seized to Sacrifice by Kyra Alessy, sixth in the Dark Brothers series, 5 stars, finished April 10
Over too soon
I’m going to miss this bookverse. The books are spicy and push kink buttons. I love how this last book neatly tied the whole series together even more than the books that came before. I also like the acknowledgment that Elle can only do so much—the inhabitants of each place will have to make things work themselves. I did not expect the change that came for the Dark Brothers camp. The series and this book are a great read. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Blood Magic by Laken Cane, second in the Kait Silver series, 5 stars, finished April 11
A dichotomy
Kait and her wolf are still very much separate. Part of her is essentially still a child, and the other is an angry woman desperately adhering to her own code of honor. Seeing Kait grow is exciting, and this seems like only the beginning. Some bad things did happen in this book, and there will be fall-out. Amazing book—you want to read this series. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Blood Mercy by Laken Cane, third in the Kait Silver series, 5 stars, finished April 12
Sad ending
Sometimes when things conclude, even when the important characters survive, how they are at the end is heartbreaking. I really believe Kait is something new and different. She is slowly growing into her power. I was blindsided by the “bad guy”. I think part of Kait and Jared’s problem is that they either don’t know how or are just too stubborn to communicate. Amazing book, but it’s also sad. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Bad Medicine by Laken Cane, fourth in the Kait Silver series, 3 stars, finished April 13
Not as good
I’m frustrated. I disagree with the decision Kait makes, disappointed in Lucy, and angry that Kait’s mom won’t tell her something that is apparently very important. I don’t understand the council. Their manipulations are obvious, but what point do they serve? I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Beautiful Madness by Laken Cane, fifth in the Kait Silver series, 5 stars, finished April 14
Holy wow
Kait has spent the series terrified of herself. I love that even those beings whom she doesn’t trust ultimately push, shove, and force her to accept and love herself. This book started with a lot of loose ends and paths the story could take. With some astonishing revelations, this series could continue even more. The ending reads as a conclusion. I can still hope for more in this series though. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

This Cruel Blood by Everly Frost, fourth in the Soul Bitten Shifter series, 5 stars, finished April 15
Unexpected and exciting
I love seeing Tessa and her pack again. Following Iyana on her solitary journey was beautiful. There’s a lot of self-discovery, and also healing of past wounds. There are some hard choices in this too. Worth reading. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Rescuing Ruby: Shattered Fairytales Book 1 by Pepper Paris, series named in subtitle, 5 stars, finished April 16
Thank you, Booktok
I saw the author’s promotional tiktok about this book and immediately got it. I love this non-magical retelling of the Wizard of Oz, and that it was about Ruby more than her suitors. There are a couple spicy scenes, but it’s maybe one pepper (pun with the author’s name completely unintended). It is romantic. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Actually, the Comma Goes Here: A Practical Guide to Punctuation by Lucy Cripps, 5 stars, finished April 17
Fascinating and fun
I love the humor and teasing that is included in each section. Those parts make a reader laugh, which helps keep them engaged. This also presents specifics on how each style guide can differ. Altogether, this was a pleasure to read—even if I didn’t already love grammar and punctuation. I read this with Kindle Unlimited, but it’s on my to-buy list.

Compelled by Jaymin Eve, fifth in the Shadow Beast Shifters series, 5 stars, finished April 18
Yes! Simone’s story
I cannot even begin to express how fixated I was reading this. The way Simone’s character grows is exciting. Of course, there’s some macho bullheadedness but Simone handles it perfectly. The revelation is actually fascinating. Looking forward to Sam’s story! I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

A Crown of Petals and Ice by Shannon Mayer and Kelly St. Clair, third in the Honey and Ice Trilogy, 5 stars, finished April 18
I was worried for a bit
First because I hate bad endings—this does have a happily ever after. With some hints I actually guessed the curveball ending but thought it was probably too far fetched. Lan can be an idiot, but he grows up in this book. Definitely recommend. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Assassin’s Menace by Everly Frost, book two-and-a-half in the Assassin’s Magic series, 5 stars, finished April 20
Freaking exciting
I am absolutely obsessed with this series. I honestly want to scream it was so fun to read. I love the ending, and it’s also hilarious —Archer (Grace) is right where she needs to be. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Assassin’s Maze by Everly Frost, third in the Assassin’s Magic series, 5 stars, finished April 21
Choosing peace
I love how Archer and Hunter actively choose their friendship. The parallels between different characters, their experiences, and their choices are fascinating. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Assassin’s Match by Everly Frost, fifth in the Assassin’s Magic series, 5 stars, finished April 21
Beautiful conclusion
I love seeing Tansy’s happily ever after. Still frustrated that I read the Soul Bitten series first, but the spoiler in it didn’t detract from this book. It felt inevitable with the way this was written. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Wolf Marked by Alexis Calder, first in the Moon Cursed series, 4 stars, finished April 23
I’m uncomfortable
This was a captivating read, but also triggering. There are abuse and threats of rape. It ends suitably viciously, and I really hope Lola stops choosing to be weak. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Wolf Untamed by Alexis Calder, second in the Moon Cursed series, 4 stars, finished April 25
Growth but lacking
I really like Lola and how she’s building the pieces of a strong personality. There are glimpses that imply she will be a good leader. I definitely expected the identity of dad, but I had that wrong. I will say that I hate how Lola moves one step forward to becoming the badass she can be, and yet she’s yanked back down again. I don’t like the mate bonds in this series. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Wolf Chosen by Alexis Calder, third in the Moon Cursed series, 5 stars, finished April 26
Perfect twist
I had some suspicions about how things might turn out. Fate loves to throw curve balls. I love the way this ended. It was beautiful seeing things change. I’m also happy that Lola owned her strength and bonded with her wolf. Where the first two books had me angry on Lola’s behalf—this concluded all of it with an exciting, tidy bow. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

To Comma or Not to Comma: The Best Little Punctuation Book Ever! by Arlene Miller, 5 stars, finished April 25
Love the format and features
I love how each chapter has an overall subject that is then separated into different ways that punctuation is used. It’s also broken down in the list readers can click on in ebook form. The quizlets and final test allowed me to test myself, and identify what areas I need to study more. This is now one of my favorite books I plan to reference as needed. Bought the Amazon ebook.

Enthralled by Tiffany Roberts, second in the Spider’s Mate series, 5 stars, finished April 28
Terrifying ending
I love that Ketahn tries to reason with his sister. I enjoyed the bonding that took place. I’m horrified and terrified of the ending. Completely captivating. Not overly spicy, but I suppose since it’s an alien-human romance series it’s still “taboo” for some readers. I read this with Kindle Unlimited.

Hopefully you will find these reviews helpful in choosing your next read. Would you prefer I add links to each book or the first book in their series?

How can readers support authors?

Many of us enjoy helping our favorite authors, but it can be hard if we’re living on a budget. Here are some ways we can help.

• The easiest way to support our favorite authors is to review their books. Seriously, even a simple “I liked it” review can boost their online visibility. Did you hate a book? Write a review and explain what you disliked, and it still helps boost visibility.
• Follow their social media pages. Many authors have more ways to stay in touch with their work. Most of the authors I enjoy have Facebook groups or pages (sometimes both, Instagram profiles, Amazon author pages, BookBub pages, and/or GoodReads profiles. Mark the books you know you want to read as “to read” and this will help show publishers and more to continue to support those authors.
• Many libraries have reviewing options for their sites too. Search in library catalogs, which are mostly online now to my knowledge, and if the books you’re interested aren’t available check with the library on how they take book requests. My main library has a form on their website where we can recommend books, series, and authors. Another library I use has an email address to send requests to.
• If your favorite authors make a post or have a shareable link, then share it. Don’t spam your pages, but sharing their ads and posts can introduce them to new-to-them readers.
• Contact your local booksellers to see if and how they take recommendations for books they offer. You could also contact them with a specific book in mind and ask them if they have a pre-order option for it. This one isn’t free, but should still be mentioned.
• Above all, please do not pirate books. Even having their books stolen and put online can remove the author from some retailers. For instance, Kindle Unlimited has had pretty strict rules previously. If they find a book in KU has been listed or posted elsewhere they can pull it from this program.
• Don’t correct/report spelling, grammar, or punctuation in the ebook apps (specifically for Amazon). If the mistakes bother you enough, then mention it in your review or send the author an email. We’re all human, and we make mistakes. However, reporting these can actually remove books from circulation. It is statistically impossible to catch every single grammar and punctuation mistake. Keep in mind that authors are human, books are their babies, and you’re basically telling them that their precious baby is ugly. Unless someone asks for criticism, it’s rude to assume everyone is okay receiving random critiques.

I hope some of these will be new ideas for you. Do you have any other ways we can support authors?