Books read between Jan. 2 through 8

Many holidays have been bleh for me as long as I remember. Seeing my kids enjoy them has opened my eyes though. I didn’t realize how bitter or jaded I am until their joy reminded me of the few happy holiday memories I do have. I do have positive memories of holidays after I decided I hated them. It can be more impactful to have negative associations though. I do feel that I’m becoming more “comfortable” with holidays. I view them as another day, but one the rest of the world enjoys, while I focus on daily life lol. I have found that I like getting the kids back on a schedule. I’m very spontaneous myself, but I like having filled blocked in my calendar—as long as those blocks are spread out. My social endurance battery is not the best. Still, some activities add more energy to that such as attending a gym class. I’m currently in an anxiety spiral about attending the class, because I’ve missed over a month. Once I convince myself to go once I’ll be fine; it’s just hard finding the courage to attend that first time. I’ve been occupying my time with reading and crocheting, which is funny because I could read while on a treadmill or bike.

Azarinth Healer: Book One by Rhaegar, first in the Azarinth Healer series. Five stars, finished Jan. 2.
Strong and funny main character.
I absolutely love a strong woman as a character. The story starting with all the reasons I dread adulthood was extremely relatable. I was happy that sexuality was a bit fluid, or bi, in this book. The system in this book is pretty fascinating. I enjoy how the author adds a bit of hilarity and dark humor. I can anticipate a great series from this book, and I look forward to seeing where it may traverse. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Misfit Hunt by Stephanie Foxe, fourth in the Cursed World series. Five stars, finished Jan. 7.
A re-read.
Old review:
Lots of sad and huge changes
I have to say I’m still processing a lot of what happens in this book. There are huge changes—to the pack, the world, and so much more. Enemies and allies too. It’s an emotional read if you immerse yourself into the story.
New review:
I forgot how emotional and momentous this book was. The end of the book makes so many future wishes seem hopeless. I love that Amber was able to heal the guilt she still held on to regarding her twin, Dylan’s, death when they were young.
Available in Kindle Unlimited.

Two books read out of a new three hundred books goal. I’m actually reading three books at the same time right now lol. One when I just want to read, another when I feel I need to research more on sensory differences, and the last an audiobook re-read because my nesting partner bought it on Audible. Both of the last two books are audiobooks so that I can read while crocheting. I don’t really like TV, so I’m extremely grateful to live in an era where audiobooks are becoming more normal.
Happy reading!

Books read between Dec. 26 and Jan. 1

Ahh a beautiful new year. I’m hesitant to call any of my goals “resolutions” because resolutions tend to fizzle out lol. I went ahead and set my goal to 300 books again. I read 242 out of the same 300 goal last year and I count that as a success.

Hunger by Nicoli Gonnella, third in the Unbound series. Five stars, finished Dec. 26.
Exciting and nerve wracking.
This book, and series, have had me biting my nails anxiously as to how Felix can defeat the forces around him. You would think monsters can’t get worse than the Undying Maw, but it seems some can at least pull even. The bond between Pit and Felix is heartwarming. The group meeting up again is fun and funny. I will say that the Pathless church seems extremely crazy, and it’s hard to comprehend their message. I’m curious if their formation will be revealed, because they’re mercilessly devout. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews, eighth I’m the World of Kate Daniels series. Five stars, finished Dec. 27.
Previous review: Kate’s town, friends, family and pack are threatened because of her association with them. The witches tell her to fix the problem. Hugh shows how insane he is. Spoiler! Kate meets her dad! She is wary of him and he has mixed feelings about her. A the end of the book he makes a demand and there is a big surprise. can’t wait to read more!
New review: Having read this before I kind of knew the overall series of events, but rereading has reminded me of a LOT of details that I had forgotten. Ghastek is probably still my favorite minor character. To be fair, I consider quite a few to be major characters. I enjoyed this reread. Read with Libby Library app.

Fury by Nicoli Gonnella, fourth in the Unbound series. Five stars, finished Dec. 28.
Multiple tumultuous moments.
Felix has a lot of changes in this book, and many growing moments. I didn’t expect the emotion source, so that was a well-written plot device. I’m curious how Felix and Pit will travel their path, and how the new people will contribute to their path and development. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Misfit Pack by Stephanie Foxe, first in the Cursed World series. Five stars, finished Dec. 29.
Original review:
<strong>An adult adventure without sex lol</strong>
The fact that this is a fascinating and enthralling adult team adventure and it didn’t feature sex is funny to me because of the books I typically read. This is a promising start to what I believe will be an amazing series.
New review: I had to pick this back up so I can read the last book in the series, or what I think is the last book.This is, in my opinion, a wholesome story with adult concepts and without adult scenes. That doesn’t detract from the story, and it’s quite captivating. Available in Kindle Unlimited (at the time I post this review).

Misfit Angel by Stephanie Foxe, second in the Cursed World series. Five stars, finished Dec. 31.
Old review:
<strong>The action hasn’t stopped</strong>
New adventures and challenges in this group. Plus I love the pixies – they actually remind me of a less sophisticated version of the pixies in the Hollows series. I love that their pack is continuing to embrace their misfitness.
New review:
At the end of book one, we left off with Amber going to see her family, and at the beginning of this we only see that it went badly and some lingering flashbacks. Honestly, I wish the whole encounter or scene was included. Amber has basically put herself in the mom category for her pack, without stepping on toes with that. I’m bad with character names, but I’m worried about the lawyer lady’s control. She both pushes for more responsibility and also tells herself that she’s not sure if she’ll stay a werewolf. Deward and Tommy are awesome, and I love that Deward is encouraging Tommy’s inner strength.
Available in Kindle Unlimited when I posted this.

Dungeon Calamity by Dakota Krout, third in the Divine Dungeon series. Four stars (closer to three and a half, but no halves on Amazon), finished Dec. 31.
Took me a while.
So I would read for a bit, become annoyed by Dale and put the book down, then I’d come back because the story is absolutely interesting. Have to say, I really didn’t like Dale until the end. It’s definitely an interesting series, but I’m currently unsure if I will continue it because Cal is my favorite and I dislike seeing humans hate on him lol. I do wonder what will happen when Cal realizes a mistake he made that had massive repercussions. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

It’s a miracle! I haven’t read this many books in a week for a while. I quite enjoyed it.
Happy reading!

Books read between Dec. 19 and 25

Hopefully y’all have had a great holiday. My husband and I bought a bunch of big gifts for the kids, which has resulted in us reorganizing everything lol. Still need to get desks and chairs for them so it’s not complete yet.

Silence by Nicoli Gonnella, second in the Unbound series. Four stars, finished Dec. 22.
So many perspectives
I feel like the first book was better. This was more of a random series of events for any remotely relevant characters. I really dislike the spirit. It’s frustrating that the out was not available to all the nice characters. I’m also really sad to say goodbye to one character. I had hoped for a miracle. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Glamoured by Jaymin Eve, sixth and potentially last book in the Shadow Beast Shifters series. Five stars, finished Dec. 23.
An amazing read
I really love how Samantha is strong enough to make herself “weak” to keep others safe. This was an exciting and fascinating conclusion to the series. There’s enough said that if the Author changes her mind she could resurrect the series. Still, I love how the story had twists I couldn’t anticipate. Great read, and left me happy. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

I’m at 236 books read this year for last week, and I’ve read another this so 237 books read so far. Happy holidays and happy reading :).

Book read between Dec. 12 through 18

I read three books last week, putting me at 234 out of my 300 goal. I’m catching up closer to the goal than I thought I would, but I still doubt I’ll read 300 lol.

The Primal Hunter 4 by Zogarth, fourth in the Primal Hunter series. Five stars, finished Dec. 13.
Steady progress
Sylphie is still a favorite character, and it’s fun seeing others warm up to her. I like the moral ambiguity in this series. The dungeon crusade was absolutely hilarious. Jake’s concept for ultimate evil had me laughing. I also enjoyed a couple references in the story, especially the wares chapter title. I got so engrossed in the story that the ending shocked me yet again. This Author is devious, and I love it. Extremely excited to read what comes next. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Sweep of the Heart by Ilona Andrews, fifth in the Innkeeper Chronicles series. Three stars, finished Dec. 15.
I’m a follower of the serial.
I really love this series, and I was really excited to read this. I read them online, and then buy the final versions when they’re released. This time, the serial ended pretty abruptly. I was surprised when a conclusion wasn’t given to the whole beginning of the book online, but I was fine to read the conclusion in the book. I’m disappointed. Wilmos is basically a byline at the end, and they could have made a much bigger ending. The previous books had a definitive conclusion, minus the missing parents backstory featured in the whole series. It was just a “what?” ending. The whole dating show gimmick was cute and new (to me). But that was supposed to lead to Wilmos, not just a “we rescued him the end”. I’ve never had an issue with any of their previous books. Bought the ebook (I own all the books in this series, to date.)

He Who Fights with Monsters 8 by Shirtaloon (a.k.a. Travis Deverell), eighth in the He Who Fights with Monsters series. Five stars, finished Dec. 18.
More lighthearted again, but still deep.
Something that saddened me in this series is how Jason had so much happen to and around him that he has some valid PTSD. I love that the author includes mental health specialists even in Pallimustus’s magic world. Jason is still too willing to sacrifice himself or willing to allow himself to suffer for others. It means more pain for him, but also is in my opinion a driving force in the positive relationships he’s built with those in generally higher social and power circles than what is standard. I love this series, and there are quite a few surprises. I am curious about Shade and how he differs from Jason’s other summons. I seriously hope this series continues for a really long time. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Even if I’m disappointed with one of these books, they’re all still part of great series and by talented authors. I personally think you wouldn’t regret reading them.
Happy reading!

Books read between Dec. 5 through Dec. 11

Seasonal depression and overwhelming anxiety have taken a firm hold on me. I’ll survive, and it will pass, but it does affect how I interact with others (for instance, posting this on Friday instead of Monday).
I read two books last week, which put me at 231 read out of my 300 goal.

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews, seventh in the World of Kate Daniels series, sixth in the Kate Daniels series. Five stars, finished Dec. 6. Originally read Nov. 15, 2014.
New review: Perhaps it’s because I’ve read the series before, but the interaction with Hugh while both are aware of Kate’s parentage seems to have more depth. I love the other Power they met, but that didn’t have the amount of impact I recalled. The losses are still heartbreaking. Even knowing the reasons why some characters acted the way they did—I still wanted to throttle a couple characters. The revelation Kate has regarding Dr. Doolittle was also heartbreaking.
Basically, great book, still a favorite series, highly recommend this. (If your copy of this book has the short An Ill Advised Rescue, read that first.) Read with the Libby Library app.
Original review from years ago: oh man I loved this book. Kate finds out more about her dad but still skirts confrontation. someone has pulled strings and manipulated things to threaten Kate. she finds out how little she knows. Read with Libby Library app.

Dissonance by Nicoli Gonnella, first in the Unbound series. Five stars, finished Dec. 10.
Holy wow this was a fun read. Felix is captivating, and seems to be on a path to create needed change—of course after some monumental chaos. Both ending scenes caused my heart to race. I didn’t realize the story could become more exciting to me. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

I am considering making a list of patterns I’m using while crocheting, but many are gifts so it will have to wait until I give them to everyone. Possibly in January in that case.
May your mental health find solace and comfort as needed.
Happy reading!

Books read between Nov. 28 and Dec. 4

I am spending a LOT of time crocheting lol. I love the walkthrough tutorials on YouTube, and being able to find patterns on Ravelry and Pinterest. I do seem to have a habit of starting a project, putting it down to do something necessary, and then picking up a new project when I come back to crocheting. Oops.

The World Nexus by Tom Elliott, third in the Grand Game series. Five stars, finished Nov. 28.
More unexpected twists and turns, an alienation between Michael and those around him, and dogged perseverance (pun unintended). So much happens in this book, and the emotions Michael feels are understandable. He keeps being pushed and pulled, and I hope he can find a place. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Water Magic by Mari Silva, first in the Elemental Magic series. Four stars, finished Nov. 28. Pagan nonfiction.
Overview, correspondences, and some practices.
I’m actually quite happy with this book. It has a good mix of information from multiple pats, and the correspondence lists are easy to follow. This is not tradition specific, and I think it can be a good resource for beginners and a good book to use for reference for those more experienced on this path. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

System Change by SunriseCV, first in the System Universe series. Five stars, finished Nov. 30.
Another great story to exceed expectations.
I don’t think the blurb accurately portrays how fascinating this book is. I’m glad and sad that Derek’s experiences seem to have enforced a distrusting and jerky attitude, and his experiences in this book seem to help him thaw a bit. I find it absolutely hilarious that Derek keeps dropping Silvi’s name and with multiple different reasons. I also love when an already overpowered individual becomes even more overpowered. The bunnicorn addition was cute and funny. I have high hopes for this series. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Flame Kissed by Annie Anderson, first in the Phoenix Rising series. Three stars, finished Dec. 1.
Quick action read
There are a couple spicy scenes, and they’re alright. I liked the action and repeated backstories. Normally, backstory flashbacks annoy me, but these flow perfectly in sync with the story. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Advent by Xander Boyce, first in the Red Mage series. Three stars, finished Dec. 4.
Intriguing world building
The multiple dimensions aspect seems to have the potential to be complicated and confusing. Still, it’s a new concept that I haven’t read about before. I’m not sure what to think about different individuals that are powerful. I love that each characters’ skill maps has a unique design. Overall, this was a very entertaining read. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

This puts me at 229 read out of my 300 books read this year goal. I’m happy to have found so many fun new books and series this year.
Happy reading!

Books read between Nov. 21 and Nov. 27

I found some fun series recently, and I’m hoping to find more lol. I do have a lot of books that I haven’t read yet, so I might try and pick one of those up.

A Kiss of Shadow by Linsey Hall, second in the Court of Starlight and Darkness series. Five stars, finished Nov. 21.
Gotta listen to gut instincts
This was a fun read. Sia does seem more damsel than strong, but she has her moments. I do hope she kicks everyone later for the trouble they caused. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

A Crown of Starlight by Linsey Hall, third in the Court of Starlight and Darkness series. Five stars, finished Nov. 24.
Of course a happy ending
I loved many of the revelations in this book. It added some slight but significant depth to a couple characters. I love that Linsey always adds characters that give a hint of a future story. I’m looking forward to finding which character will have a book soon. I will say that one thing I love from this bookverse is the ability to meet lost loved ones. I’ll never get tired of that. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Cultivation by Seth Ring, third in the Battle Mage Farmer series. Five stars, finished Nov. 26.
Excitement and then new questions
John, Ellie, and friends do a lot in this book. I do like that John seems less self-hating. Some class surprises, and a lot of new questions. While beating one thing, failing another, and finding even more questions—I look forward to what will come next. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Cursed by Karina Espinosa, first in the Joey Santana series. Four stars, finished Nov. 26.
Intriguing storyline
I like Joey for the most part. It’s weird that she vacillates between a strong person and then a weak person. The storyline is interesting, and shows promise of a fascinating series. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

The Grand Game by Tom Elliott, first in the Grand Game series. Five stars, finished Nov. 26.
More exhilarating than expected
With each new event and encounter, the world, story, characters, and main character become more exciting to read about. I love the encounter with Loken, and Michael’s choice felt true to the person he is becoming. I’m not sure if any characters can learn about who they used to be, but their current lives are fascinating. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Way of the Wolf by Tom Elliott, second in the Grand Game series. Five stars, finished Nov. 27.
Fun read
Michael is better at micromanaging than I could ever be. Honestly, if it were me I don’t think I could remember all of the convulsions. This only adds to the story. I know that Michael wants away, but I hope he comes back quickly. I love that he found a pack, even if those interactions went way beyond what I expected. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

I feel like I’ve read a lot this past week, however this only puts me at 224 books read out of my 300 goal for this year. I may not finish it, but I absolutely love all the new series I’ve found.
Happy reading!

Books read between Nov. 14 and Nov. 20

My youngest gave me whatever bug he had last week, and it hasn’t been fun lol. I have enjoyed a couple good books though.

Shifter Claimed by Alexis Calder, first in the Royal Mates series. Three stars, finished Nov. 16.
A fun read.
Even with a three star rating, I did enjoy this book. You can see an inevitable clash coming from almost the beginning. I love the backstory, the characters are well written. The story read as a vivid adventure, and some questions were sort if answered, but there are a lot more questions by the ending. I do hope there’s a logical reason for Skylar being in the dark for her life up to this point. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Domestication by Seth Ring, first in the Battle Mage Farmer series. Five stars, finished Nov. 17.
Honestly exciting.
Throughout this book you can feel how lost and defeated many of the characters seem. The attitude John usually has is hilarious. He seems to take everything in stride and rarely feels the need to react unless his trauma is triggered. I do find his burn-it-all dark side to be cathartic. Seeing him healing from the trauma before this book starts is better though. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Germination by Seth Ring, second in the Battle Mage Farmer series. Five stars, finished Nov. 18.
John is just so sad.
I am loving this series. The emotional depth a reader can feel while reading is enthralling. I hope the last scene doesn’t cause more trouble for John. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

Apocalypse Unleashed by Chris Ford, first in the Apocalypse Unleashed series. Three stars, finished Nov. 20.
Entertaining and random.
The story is definitely entertaining and interesting. It doesn’t seem to follow a predictable path, which can be a good thing. It does seem like most of the kids’ personalities go through drastic changes. The epilogue raises more questions, especially with the new view of Aiden’s town. Basically, it skipped some time. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

A Forest of Stars by Linsey Hall, first in the Court of Starlight and Darkness series. Four stars, finished Nov. 20.
Fun, aggravating, and exciting.
I like that Sia is strong on her own, and is making allies in unexpected places. I honestly hope she knocks some sense into Lore. Many parts felt important and significant to how the story will develop going forward. Read with Kindle Unlimited.

I’ve read another book this week, so that brings me up to two hundred and nineteen books I’ve read out of my goal to read three hundred books this year. Now, if I could count crochet patterns then I might actually be closer lol. Hopefully y’all don’t catch anything this holiday and going forward.
Blessed Be, happy reading, and good health to you <3.

I no longer have the associate option with Amazon, but they still have the majority of the books I read specifically because of their Kindle Unlimited subscription. I still recommend that option if you’re looking to have a large option of books available without completely breaking your wallet.

Climate activists throw black, oily liquid at Klimt painting in Vienna

These articles keep showing in the Google feed on my phone. I’m not rich, and money is only becoming not a struggle to budget now—in my thirties. I cannot even begin to express the rage, disgust, and disappointment this makes me have. What these “activists” are doing is NOT activism. This is terrorism. Destruction of property doesn’t encourage me to agree with this movement. Honestly, what I saw in the first article had me a tiny bit sympathetic, but still disgusted with the form their “protest” took. This is only widening a gap between classes. Why would people who own these art pieces, which many are on loan, decide to house them in unsafe conditions? It’s only a matter of time before a priceless (in my opinion) piece is damaged. The more often this happens, the angrier and less sympathetic I become. I’m an outsider looking on at both the protesters, museums/galleries, and those the protesters hope will pay attention to their pleas. This is not going to change anything. This might not seem violent to some, but it is. What becomes the next step when their protests aren’t acknowledged and they feel the need to create a larger spectacle?

My point is that protests like these only encourage people to choose sides. Find another way.

Books read between Nov. 7 through Nov. 13

I think I like to keep my schedule a bit hectic lol. My children and I have lots of appointments, I go to the gym, and I keep volunteering to make more granny squares for the CrochetMas trees here in Berea. I’m having fun though so I’m viewing this as a positive change. Needless to say, I’m not reading very much. Reading has always been my escape from the real world, and this has me thinking that I’m not needing to hide as much. Don’t get me wrong, as I still absolutely love books and will make time to read. It is nice to make time for other adventures though. This week I read only one book.

Wolf Domination by Avery Song, fourth in the Willow’s Forbidden Pack series. Five stars, finished Nov. 11.
Delicious and long.
I absolutely love that this book took a while for me to finish.So much happens in this. I cried during multiple incidents, and laughed uproariously in many as well. All the harem jokes were funny, and I can no longer pick a favorite in Willow’s mates. The end was beautiful, and the epilogue had my eyes open wide. I can’t wait to read Willow’s next series/books. Highly recommend this series, book, and author. She is a black author, pretty sure an indie author, and uses multiple pen names. Read this with Kindle Unlimited. Wolf Domination Amazon link
Series link: Willow’s Forbidden Pack series Amazon link

This brings my total up to two hundred and thirteen lol. Three hundred might be pushing it.
At this time I’m not an Amazon associate, so these are not affiliate links.
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Happy reading! ❤️📚