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My first Voxbox from Influenster


I’m new to Influenster and this is my first voxbox. This is the My First Tervis voxbox. I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
I received this yesterday. This was perfect timing because my son’s let cup was leaking so badly I was going to go buy a different cup from the store that evening.
First, I love receiving packages. Makes me feel like a kid getting a present. Opening the voxbox was simple. The cup is really cute :).


I got it out of the packaging and immediately washed it, following instructions. I liked that the valve can be attached to the lid if I want to use my dishwasher later. For this time I just handwashed all the pieces. I put water in it and gave it to my son, who is 2 years old. Personally, I think this cup is better for a much younger child and we are trying to get away from sippy cups now that he’s two. He was very frustrated because it took major suction to get anything out. I know because I tried and it was hard. I did check the it did not leak then. So for that I’ll rate is about 3 out of 5 stars, because if the kid can’t drink it then it’s really pointless. I made an extra slit in the valve where it connects to the spout and it still was difficult. So I made an extra slit where it receives air. Now he can drink it, but it does leak. That’s my fault though. Basically this one is not for toddlers. I’d give this to babies who need limited flow.
My son loves it and the ducks are very cute. This would make a great gift for any moms of kids between 6 months and a year. 😉

Levia Keller
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Good afternoon!

This is my first post but I’m just going to jump in here. 🙂
With my first birth I opted to have an epidural. Ever since then my back will periodically spasm and not want to support my weight. Last time it happened I could not stand straight. This time I had to stand ramrod straight or I was in so much pain I only wanted to scream and cry. Thankfully my husband was able to come home. He gave me a massage that helped. I also did some Google searching and read that yoga can help with posture and back pain. I tried limited stretches until I could stand more. Today I did a yoga routine from YouTube (meant for kids so mine could participate). My back still hurts but my range of movement has definitely increased and I no longer want to scream or cry. (Just wince quite a lot.) I’m hoping to start a daily regimen of yoga with the kids.
Also, I drank a few sips of a sleepy time tea because it has Valerian which promotes relaxation. I fell asleep shortly after haha. So maybe that can help with my insomnia. 😉