Good afternoon!

This is my first post but I’m just going to jump in here. 🙂
With my first birth I opted to have an epidural. Ever since then my back will periodically spasm and not want to support my weight. Last time it happened I could not stand straight. This time I had to stand ramrod straight or I was in so much pain I only wanted to scream and cry. Thankfully my husband was able to come home. He gave me a massage that helped. I also did some Google searching and read that yoga can help with posture and back pain. I tried limited stretches until I could stand more. Today I did a yoga routine from YouTube (meant for kids so mine could participate). My back still hurts but my range of movement has definitely increased and I no longer want to scream or cry. (Just wince quite a lot.) I’m hoping to start a daily regimen of yoga with the kids.
Also, I drank a few sips of a sleepy time tea because it has Valerian which promotes relaxation. I fell asleep shortly after haha. So maybe that can help with my insomnia. 😉


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