I created an online store

I’ve wanted to sell handmade items since I was a little girl and listened to my mom tell me all of her product ideas. She never had the opportunity to pursue those ideas because of taking care of her mom and then her own health failed. I may not want to make some of the things (or feel creative enough haha) that she had in mind. I have discovered a love for loom knitting. I’ve cross stitched since I was a young kid, maybe 8? So to me this is just expanding my repertoire. It’s also a good income opportunity. So I decided to try my hand at opening an online store. A year ago (maybe more since its a new year!) a friend and I created an Etsy store. We never listed anything but it was more that life got in the way. Then Etsy banned pagan blessed items, items with spells, etc. They did not ban items that were prayed over. To me this is religious discrimination so I sent them an email explaining I couldn’t buy or sell from there with that policy. Then I deleted my account. I’ve looked occasionally for a website to use that is OK with blessed items etc. Recently we’ve been struggling with a few bad paychecks, the nature of cable installation in bad weather, and I decided to list the items I had for sell. Granted right now it’s only two scarves, but it’s a big step. So backstory complete, I found StorEnvy.com. No listing fees and they only take commission. Website is free too and easy to set up. I like it so that is the avenue I chose. If you’d like to see what I have, which right now is just scarves but I plan to have things like toddler altar tools (pagan), then feel free to visit.
Visit my store on Storenvy

Levia Keller
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