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Grocery savings with meal planning

I have to say that I love Pinterest and Google. They are life savers when trying to meal plan. Eric (hubby) has recently decided to try to be vegan so I happily switched the rest of the family to a vegetarian diet. Now my 7 year old is suddenly very into meat (honestly she almost never asked before haha). We might occasionally have Meat Mondays, kind of like how I see a lot of family’s have Meatless Mondays.

Now none of my posts are sponsored but if I post referral links I’ll state that’s what it is and that I’ll receive a commission if you decide to use that service (like the grocery rebate apps post).

First thing we did was scour Google and Pinterest for vegan and vegetarian meals that we liked. We chose five for this week. We only meal plan for dinner, as we eat either cereal, vegan pancakes, or oatmeal for breakfast lately – all of which we already have at home. The vegan pancakes were absolutely delicious and filling. I ate four small pancakes and felt pleasantly full, not overfull. Eric is the morning cook. I’m not sociable or human before lunch 😂. The recipe he found was here:

Eric also used 1/4 tbs baking soda and 2 1/2 tsp stevia instead of white granulated sugar and baking powder. Use maple syrup or your favorite topping as you choose.

The dinners we chose for this week are ones we haven’t tried before so not sure if we’ll love them or hate them or be ambivalent towards them. They sound amazing, even with the extra work since my blender broke and I now have to use a manual food processor (I’m seriously feeling like I’ll build muscle this way!😉).

Here’s the recipe we tried last night (it’s after midnight so that’s last night hehe).

Honestly the kids hated them (but they’re very picky) and I was ambivalent. Eric loved these though so I may make more if I’m feeling nice someday.

For tomorrow we have these planned:

Veggie nuggets sound good. This one is vegetarian as it does have eggs. The kids go crazy for nuggets so I’m really hoping they’ll love them.

For the rest of the week we have these planned:
I’m really looking forward to this one, as I love rice and soups.

I’m also looking forward to this recipe as I love lasagna and this would be a healthy alternative. It will take a lot of prep work though.

Now the kids actually don’t like Manwich 🙀. I loved it growing up. I found out that Hunts can is vegan, it’s just what we add to it that determines whether it is vegan, vegetarian, etc. This recipe uses lentils.

So with these recipes we were actually only missing 13 items. Our shopping this week was really reduced. We spent less than $40 ($38 and change – FL doesn’t tax food). That trip we only got two 96 oz bottles of Unsweetened Original Almond Milk, so Eric will have to get more at some point this week. Still it’s much less than we normally spend on a meat centric diet, or fast food.

A YouTube Channel that Eric introduced me to has really helped with meal planning and has other great videos. It’s called Pick Up Limes and I really recommend you check it out. She has printable shopping lists for specific meals, beginners, and fully stocked pantries.

I grew up eating fast food and drinking soda. I didn’t know how to cook. So Google, Pinterest, and YouTube are great teachers. I honestly didn’t know what a food processor was until a couple weeks ago 🤣. The manual one I use is one I bought at Walmart. It has a bunch of other functions and it was only $10 when I got it. Cook Works by Art + Cook 13-Piece Super Slicer

Anyway, I hope some of this helps others. I’m still a newbie at cooking, prepping (doesn’t always get done lol), planning, and trying to save and eat healthy. It’s all part of trying to lose weight and improve my mental and physical health for myself and the rest of the family. Have a wonderful day!



Review of Little Flame series books 1-5

Review of NINE30 by Melissa Lummis.

For a short story this has definitely hooked me. Already I can’t wait to start the next book. Of course a super powerful heroine is going to captivate me. Add in a potential romance and some issues to work out, some mystery and intrigue and you got a great start. I was not expecting it to end so soon.
I received this book free for an honest review.

Review of Electric by Melissa Lummis.

I received this book free for an honest review.
This still seemed short to me, but perhaps longer than the first. I’m glad I’m reading them altogether as a set.
In this we learn a little bit more of what she is searching for and why. She thinks she’s found it but then doesn’t stick around to find out… We learn more about Tati who maybe isn’t as annoying as in the first book but then she’s sick and quiet for most the book soo…..
I have my suspicions about who her partner might be and I really think opening up at least to Dee would be in her best interest.
Given how giving and self sacrificing she is I really don’t get how she’s survived this long.

Review of StarLand by Melissa Lummis

I received this book free for an honest review.
I love that there always seem to be new paranormal types to meet in this series. I really really don’t like the vampires in this. They’re too shallow and manipulative. This healing was sad, and it sucked that it couldn’t go any other way. Finding family is always nice though.

Review of LimeLight by Melissa Lummis

I received this book free for an honest review.
This one is definitely a short installment, but a lot happens. When reading you start to feel like you are the main character and phew she’s a magic yo-yo. The poor woman is pulled to both these guys, one definitely bad for her, the other a mystery. It’s no wonder she gets headaches all the time.

Review of Echo by Melissa Lummis

I received this book free for an honest review.
Action packed and very steamy. I love this series and absolutely cannot wait to read what happens next! Connections become stronger in this and secrets are revealed. Did not expect mom, and I look forward to seeing how that pans out.



Bottom line I really enjoyed this, since I read them as a set it worked out and felt like a full book instead of a series of novellas. I definitely recommend these.

Dangerous Desires book 1 and 2 review

Deadly Bequest by Sherrel Lee – book one

Decent short story for adults. A lot more sex than I’m really into but it made for an amusing read. Holy cow that was a mind boggling mystery and the culprit/s were never ending. I enjoyed the ending but it could have had a sex scene lol. I’d come to expect it by then. A fun read.
I received this book free for an honest review.

Dangerous Desires by Sherrel Lee – book two

I received this book free for an honest review.
I will say that the amount of sex in this book is quite a bit much for me. That said I liked Cynthia and Vonn better. I love that this is a positive book that includes polyamory. The cases they solve are intriguing but they always seem to include a bdsm angle, at least so far in these first two books. I have read these first two books in the series and even with the amount of sex I will continue to read them. It’s very interesting storywise too. The bdsm scene abuse made me uncomfortable but I love how they were exposing it and showing how bdsm can and should be. This books was thankfully longer than the first, or at least didn’t make me feel like it was to short :).

Why I won’t buy one extra box of tissues for my kid’s school supplies; signed, a frustrated parent

Food for thought for all the parent’s who are getting ready for public school. If you have money to buy extra then you can donate them to your local schools. As a kid I had classmates who couldn’t afford school supplies. So donating extra that you have the money for is very helpful.

So we started doing the school supply shopping this week. A daunting task even as the kids get older and the lists get shorter. Gone in my house are the days when the most expensive i…

Source: Why I won’t buy one extra box of tissues for my kid’s school supplies; signed, a frustrated parent

One Nation, Indivisible

I really respect that people are talking out about this. The United States was not founded to be Christian, it was founded in one part to allow religious freedom and choice. As a country we’ve forgotten that.

Biblebelt Witchy Mama

Ah, July 4th.

One of the times of the year where it seems most everyone, no matter their day-to-day politics, becomes a staunch right-wing Republican with cries of “It’s “One Nation Under God” or get the fuck out!” all over social media.

There’s only one problem.

It’s not. At least, it was never supposed to be.

The Founding Fathers NEVER intended to have our nation to be perceived as a Christian nation- a theocracy, and they surely never wanted to  become so embattled with each other over spirituality.

“The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”
—John Adams

The First Amendment that the Right likes to construe to their agenda:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the…

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Good afternoon!

This is my first post but I’m just going to jump in here. 🙂
With my first birth I opted to have an epidural. Ever since then my back will periodically spasm and not want to support my weight. Last time it happened I could not stand straight. This time I had to stand ramrod straight or I was in so much pain I only wanted to scream and cry. Thankfully my husband was able to come home. He gave me a massage that helped. I also did some Google searching and read that yoga can help with posture and back pain. I tried limited stretches until I could stand more. Today I did a yoga routine from YouTube (meant for kids so mine could participate). My back still hurts but my range of movement has definitely increased and I no longer want to scream or cry. (Just wince quite a lot.) I’m hoping to start a daily regimen of yoga with the kids.
Also, I drank a few sips of a sleepy time tea because it has Valerian which promotes relaxation. I fell asleep shortly after haha. So maybe that can help with my insomnia. 😉