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Apps that save me $$

I use quite a few rebate apps to help our money stretch a bit further every week and month. Since I’ve reviewed products on here, I felt I should review these as well.

1. Ibotta
Ibotta is probably my favorite. I go in weekly and check the stores I usually frequent. Currently for us that is Kroger and Walmart. I unlock items that interest me, go shopping and buy what I need, and scan the barcode and take a picture of the receipt. I love that Ibotta has any brand rebates. They might only be 25 or 50 cents, but that does add up.image

I’ve been using it since May 2015, and while I haven’t got a huge amount back I have gotten a decent amount back.

You can withdraw the money into your PayPal, venmo, or choose gift cards. instead. $20.00 minimum to withdraw for PayPal and venmo.
If you’re like my family then you use a lot of milk and bread. They also have rebates on diapers, formula, and other items you might use often.
They do offer a referral bonus as well. The people you invite will receive $10 after they redeem a rebate and you will receive $5. If you’d like to use my code it is tcocouk. It can be used on a computer or Android. I’m not sure if it’s available on an IPhone.

2. Shrink
Shrink has organic brands and a two any brands per week. Plus you get points for the items you buy in those brands even if they don’t have a cash rebate available for it at the time. You can use brand’s points to unlock more rebates. For instance, I like the KidFresh meals. They are really easy to make when I have a migraine and just can’t make anything complicated. I had a rebate for some when I first unlocked the brand, and I’ve used the points I’ve gotten buying more to unlock more rebates for that brand. Each brand’s points cannot exchange to another brand. Shrink exclusive also offers a 50 point rebate for receipts every day and you can exchange those points for cash added to your balance. Then when you get $20 you can get it sent to your PayPal or venmo.image



This also offers referral rewards. When you refer a friend you receive $2 when they redeem their first receipt and they receive 1000 shrink points, which can be saved or exchanged for $1. This is available on Android and iPhone. If you would like to use my referral code it is WSKMEI. I’ve only been using it since August and I don’t use as many of their brands so I’ve only gotten about $18.00 back. But that’s $18 I didn’t have before.

3. Checkout 51
I haven’t used this as often. They have a choose your offer every week for different produce. They also have 25 cents cash back on and receipt over $60. I don’t use a lot of their rebates but am happy to wait for the ones I do use. Some weeks there’s a lot, others I only use the produce and receipt rebates.image

My balance on there now is almost $10. Cashout is available at $20, and is a paper check. They do not offer a referral bonus. You can use the app on Android, iPhone, and you can use it through the browser on your computer.

4. Berrycart
I actually haven’t used any of these rebates. They are all crunchy brands, organic, etc. That kind of stuff. I may not ever use this but I keep it just in case haha.image

They have coconut milk and water on there so I may start using it more soon. Process is the same, you unlock rebates, buy the items, scan the barcodes, snap the receipt and wait for it to be approved. Cash out is only $5 on this app. They do offer a referral bonus. When you refer someone and they redeem their first rebate you get $2. If you’d like to use my referral link it is https://www.berrycart.com/rf/0Rzmg2TBuC. I believe this is available on both Android and iPhone.

5. MobiSave
This is a new app for me. I installed it this month or in January. For this one you have to unlock your rebates before you go shopping or they may deny your receipt. They have quite a few and brand items and other items people regularly use.image

Rebates are automatically deposited into your PayPal once approved. They do not offer a referral bonus.

6. Shopmium
This one hasn’t had a lot of rebates, just some but I have used it quite often. They recently sent an email out that they are adding more rebates, so I look forward to that. They tend to have cheesecake on here a lot haha.image

Those are some of the rebates available. They don’t need to be unlocked. This app is available on Android and iPhone, and they do have a referral bonus. When you refer a friend you get $2 and then get a free Lindt chocolate bar. Trust me that was worth it, but I’m obsessed with chocolate. 😉 If you’d like to use my referral code it is KUCFMGCL. Rebates are deposited directly into your PayPal once approved.

7. Savingstar
This is available on Android, iPhone, and your computer browser. You can add loyalty cards, or scan products and receipts.

They also have some online shopping rebates but I haven’t used them.
Cash out is available at $5 and can be deposited in your bank, PayPal, or you can buy a gift card. They also actually allow you to put the money into your UPromise account too.

That’s it for cash back apps. I will create a post about point redemption apps and points/cash for apps that monitor your cell phone, tablet, and computer usage at a later date.